Very useful Battery Hacks.

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Battery Hacks That You Must Know!

There are hundreds of different battery hacks that can save you from extra expenditure or any difficult situation.

In this video there is an easy demonstration of 3 ‘most important battery hacks’ that can make your life simple.

First one is the battery capacity test which shows the strength of battery without any multi-meter. Drop the battery on some hard surface and if it’s charged it will not bounce and will stand firm.

Battery Hacks

The second hack tells how to use AAA battery as an AA battery. There are several devices that require a double-A battery and what if you don’t have one on hand? No problem, this video tells you how to manage a small battery. All you need is an aluminum foil to extend your battery. Take a small piece of foil and give it the shape of a ball. Place it between the gap and you will be able to start your device. Simple! Isn’t it?

The last hack is a blessing for all those, who live in cold weather. You will learn how to make your own hand warmer. Use a normal capacity but high quality battery, as cheap batteries tend to leak harmful chemicals when wrapped in an aluminum foil. Okay, fold a battery in aluminum foil for several times and shape the ends to conduct current. Very easy!

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