Surprising health benefits of ear wax!

Do not use Q tips on a regular basis, it will harm your ears

By Carmel Amberg Carmel Amberg


Do you use Q tips on a regular basis to clean your ear wax?

As many people do so on a regular basis, you probably think that using Q tips is important to keep your ears free from a buildup of wax and for general ear cleaning and maintenance.

Sadly that cannot be further from the truth, as it turns out ear wax is vital to ear safety and should never be removed by an individual.

This video explains why ear wax plays an important role in protecting your ears from outside contaminants such as dirt, insects and that by using Q tips or any other device that you may inadvertently push wax further inside the ear, which can lead not only to infection but also to hearing loss and damage to your ear drum.

Leave the wax in its place or go and see a doctor if you feel that the wax build up is becoming excessive.

Do you have any experience or problems with your ear wax? please share it with us.


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