Human body, the amazing machine

10 things that you never thought possible to do with your body!

The human body is an amazing machine capable of feats of strength and endurance, but sometimes things that seem to be so simple are virtually impossible to do. Or are they?

A small segment of the population is capable of performing tasks that seem unnatural or even disturbing to the rest of us, how are they able to do these things you might wonder, and is it possible that you may learn the secrets behind these actions and one day be able to do them yourself.

This video will show you ten things that you never thought possible, but are in fact not only possible but something that you yourself can learn to do.

Raising one eyebrow? Can you do it?. How about licking your own elbow? Wiggling your ears? Or rolling your tongue? All of these and more can be found in this video.

Watch and see some of the most amazing accomplishments that our bodies can perform and learn the tricks and soon you will be able to do these things as well.


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