Best natural treatment for weak, dull or dry hair!

homemade hair treatment for damaged hair!

Cleaning hair with rice water is the best remedy for weak, dull or dry hair!

This video explains or we can say demonstrates the importance of rice water for your hair. If you have weak, dull or dry hair – due to any external factors – it is important to see the video and try this method. In this video, viewers get to see a simple presentation of cleaning hair with rice water. In the first part of video, you will come across the traditional usage and benefits of rice water. You need something to place focus on? So right after getting your piece of motivation, you need to give it a try. According to the video you need to use brown organic rice and no problem if, you don’t have brown rice as white rice will also do the job.

natural remedy for weak, dull or dry hair
natural remedy for weak, dull or dry hair

To prepare rice water you need a large bowl. Place one cup of brown rice and four cups of water. Let the rice soak for 24 hours or even more. Don’t forget to cover the bowl with a tight plastic wrap. After the required time uncover the bowl and use the water only, for cleansing your hair. Just pour the rice water over your hair and make sure it is covered completely. The results will vary from one person to another and there are many reasons for that. People having extremely damaged hair will need some weeks to condition and repair hair strands.

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