life in the womb before birth

9 months in 4 minutes

Shaping a New Life

This video is just brilliant, as shows the evolution of human life.

It is all about learning how a tiny drop of sperm manages to take shape of a baby with the help of reproductive system functioning in a woman.

The length of this video is nearly 4 minutes and it gives a quick detail of the 9 months of pregnancy.

Baby starts developing right from a complex ball of different cells that contribute towards the skin color, eye color, sex, etc.

Life in the womb

After three weeks the cell takes shape of an embryo and till six weeks the organs of baby continue to develop. During the fifth week heartbeat of mother and baby are synchronized.

Arms and legs continue to grow but the baby weighs very less.

After sixteen weeks gender of a baby can be determined. For the later time period, baby continues to develop different organs and hair starts to grow. During all those weeks’ lungs and nervous system of baby continues to mature.

Organs of a baby are fully developed by 9 months or 41 weeks. It is very important to get examined on regular basis in order to avoid any sort of complications during or after pregnancy.

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