Decorate your table with a heart shaped hard-boiled egg

Carmel AmbergBy: Carmel Amberg : oobsee staff

A Hard-boiled Egg Presented Artistically!

What’s better than molding some love in protein and surprising your loved ones?

This video demonstrates a very easy method of molding hard boiled eggs and serving them with salad or as a sideline – there are several options that you can explore!

Okay, you need a hard-boiled egg, cardboard milk container or a juice carton, chopstick or thin pencil and two rubber bands.

Do make sure that the cardboard carton is cleaned thoroughly before cutting.

Boil the egg and let it cool for a brief time. Meanwhile cut the cardboard carton and fold it in half.

Now, remove the shell and place egg in the center of folded cardboard piece. Place the stick on top of egg and secure the cardboard with rubber band on both ends.

If it’s not cold then place the egg in refrigerator for a few minutes.

After ten minutes take out the egg and remove the band and stick and cut it in two equal halves.

Voila, there you have a heart shaped hard-boiled egg.  Make sure that you use a fresh egg for molding, as it would not split from the pressure. It’s actually a very romantic presentation of hard-boiled eggs for your loved ones.

See, how simple it is? You can even try making deviled eggs with them or present them simply with black pepper, salt or ketchup.


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