Educating Your Child about Personal Safety

Knowing that Each year hundreds of thousands of children are reported missing

By Carmel Amberg: oobsee staff

Educating Your Child about Personal Safety

Apart from the normal academic education it is quite essential to create awareness, among children, about different safety measures.

Thousands of children are kidnapped each year for different reasons.

It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to educate young ones and tell them how to act in an alarming situation.

This video starts with a young child moving towards home after attending school. In the next scene all of a sudden an apparently concerned woman stops over and tells the child to get in her car, as the child’s dad is ill and the woman has been assigned the task of picking the young one.

Without giving a second thought the child trusts the kidnapper.

This video has a short, yet extremely important message for all the parents.

They need to teach their children how to stay away from any strangers, who are giving unwanted help or advice. If there is any sort of suspicious car nearby, don’t step into it.

Not all kidnappers have a rough appearance, as there are several lurking around having a decent persona. If someone tries to get hold of you don’t feel helpless and make use of every chance to draw attention in a proper manner.

If someone is forcing you, you just need to say ‘No’. In the same manner never walk alone, remain aware of your surroundings and keep your personal belongings well hidden.

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