20 creative ideas to transform your home old stuff into a treasure!

Do you want to get inspired by some of your old furniture or old items that your are planning to through away?

STOP! Don’t do that, get inspired by these photos. Look around your house to search for some old stuff and begin recycling.

That way you’ll not spend money for some expensive decorations, just reuse your old stuff to some creative and decorative styles, even if they are as perfect as you think, but it will certainly look vintage and stylish.

Do you have an old jeans that you don’t need it anymore? look at the pictures how can you transform it into an apple bag, or to some small pockets where you’ll put some of your items.

Also you can transform the suitcase of your grandmother, to a vintage locker for your glasses and wine bottles.

You have to acquire the will to give your old items a new life

You have other ideas like this, share them with us, we’d like to hear from you!

Happy recycling.

recycling old home staff

trash to treasure 002

trash to treasure 003  trash to treasure 005

trash to treasure 006

trash to treasure 007

trash to treasure 008

trash to treasure 010

trash to treasure 011

trash to treasure 012

trash to treasure 013

trash to treasure 015

trash to treasure 016

trash to treasure 018

trash to treasure 020

trash to treasure 004

recycle old staff

recycle old staff

recycling old staff


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